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This is it.the start of something fresh,with no history or tradition. A totally new mix.Taste the unexpected and discover your X-spot

Sweet, fruity flavor with a hint of lime. Healthy and fresh character that fits all year.

Xide Citrus Fizz is the classic bass spouse among cocktails that you can always return to. Very well balanced flavors of lemon and grapefruit with just enough sweetness to not become too acidic.

Sweet, fruity flavor with hints of tangerine and chili. Healthy and fresh character that fits all year.


Pine Citrus:

Aromatic scent with a distinct character of fresh pineapple and a hint of lemon.

Xide is an excellent drink for pre-party or in a bar. With exciting flavors there is wide variation Xide family.

Xide Bright is the low-calorie option.

All bottles are 275ml with 4.5% alcohol.

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